The Poor Man's Role

by Rock Bottom Regulars

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Untie this anchor from my feet
Everything goes white, I begin to sink
Reality changes every single blink
Am I making a break through?
I just can't think, cuz I'm swallowed up in this bottle again

For the rest of the night lets just pretend
that everything's fine and there is no end
So lend me both ears cuz I need to vent
And they say the top was only meant for one
So I'll settle for the bottom so my friends can come
Cuz They're the ones that took my hand
When the current took me under, and I gave in
That's when I realized that I can't change this path
And this whole time fate has had the upper hand

I'm beginning to think that I am cursed
It's a feeling I cant out grow
I'd sell my soul to feel at home
Oh god I'm cursed
It's a feeling I can't outgrow
I'd sell my soul to feel at home

Take it back from the scratch track
on a positive note now I stand and take this... breath

I will not play the victim

This is the point when my placebo starts to peak
My vision becomes a key hole, in which I view reality
I dragged my self through the trenches, now I'll view the mountain peak. I will play the poor man's role if I miss the balcony

Maybe it's just me, and I was meant to see...
all my dreams in reach, fall from underneath my feet


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